Red Rooster Production

Red Rooster® Sales is a vertically integrated grower and shipper of fresh market tomatoes based in Firebaugh, CA. The company’s tomato growing operations are located in Fresno, Merced, San Benito and Santa Clara Counties. The sorting-warehousing-shipping facility handling Mature Green and Roma tomatoes in Firebaugh is easily accessed from Interstate 5 and California Highway 99. The organization properties and growing fields are part of the Seasholtz Family operations which were established in 1974, following a legacy beginning before 1950.

We aim to satisfy our tomato customers with a product we produce from greenhouse seedlings to a product that ships from our warehouse.

Sustainable agricultural practices are employed in crop production directed by informed, experienced, farming personnel dedicated todelivering top quality fresh tomato products to Red Rooster® Sales customers. Our mission is to provide the highest quality tomatoes while caring for our environment.

Non-invasive environmental practices are followed to highest extent possible ranging from precision drip irrigation systems delivering water and fertilizers, to reduced impact supplies. We are also proud of our wholly owned Solar Energy systems which serve our packing and warehouse facilities, as well as our most significant farming sites.

Warehouse management systems are used to facilitate precision ripening to the customers’ specifications prior to shipment.

Red Rooster® Sales staff is available throughout the season in Firebaugh, California. It is headed by Tom Frudden of Frudden Sales.